Sometimes it takes a little fantasy to help us believe in what we cannot understand
G L O R I O U S .. S A Y S
Hi, it’s your friend Glorious.

One poor soul spiritgrammed me that she was all alone and afraid. I told her not to worry, that she had me now and you know who I talk to. I told her to try talking to the Almighty herself. She said she didn’t think he was listening and in any event wasn’t answering her.

I told her and I am advising you that God always hears what we have to say, and he always answers us. It’s just that we don’t understand what is being said to us. We have to have Faith in order to learn to understand his message of love and caring and kindness.

Always remember that you are a worthwhile person. You are entitled to have Faith. You are entitled to feel good about yourself. You are entitled to find peace of mind. You are entitled to be happy. You are entitled to learn how to express your newfound Faith.

Don’t be alone. You don’t have to be scared anymore. You don’t have to feel frightened. Learn to have Faith in God and yourself. Then you will begin to feel wonderful. Then you will find peace of mind. Then you will be the real magic. Isn’t that terrific? Doesn’t that make you want to have Faith?

Why don’t you declare yourself a person of Faith? You can do this by reading my book The Magic of Faith and posting an Expression of Faith on my Web site.

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