Sometimes it takes a little fantasy to help us believe in what we cannot understand

F A I T H .. I N D E X
How Much Faith Do You Have?
Maybe or Sometimes
Do you believe in God?
Do you pray to God?
Do you believe in yourself?
Do you care about others?
Do you have faith in your heart?
Are you kind?
Do you have imagination?
Do you have good instincts?
Do you want to have faith?
Are you a worthwhile person?

Please check and total your ansers.

A score of 0 to 50 points means you need more faith immediately.
A score of
50 points or more means you need to get more faith.
A score of
70 points or more means you are a person of faith.
A score of
100 points means you are perfect. Only God is perfect.

In any case please read The Magic of Faith so that you can increase your real score, learn to build your faith, and be able declare yourself a person of faith. Strip away your inhibitions and get down to your real feelings. You may be surprised at how much faith you have.

Your friend in faith,
Glorious the Magic Genie

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